What printing methods does Unik offer?

Unik offers both offset and digital printing using state of the art printing presses. Quantities under 250 are typically printed on digital printers such as HP Indigo while quantities above 250 are typically printed on offset printers such as Kimori Lithrone.

How long does printing take?

Unik offers multiple print turnaround options. Faster turnaround times cost slightly more than slower turnarounds. Turnaround time begins when your order has been purchased and your final design has been submitted.

The cutoff time for design submission is 9:00am Pacific Time.

Does 5-7 Day Turnaround really mean 7 days?

More than half of 5-7 Day Turnaround are shipped on the 5th day but a small number of orders will take the full 7 days.

The cutoff time for design submission is 9:00am Pacific Time.

Will printed colors accurately match the colors on my monitor?

Unik printing presses are accurately calibrated for precise color printing. Unfortunately, most computer monitors are not accurately calibrated for color and variations are likely to occur in perceived colors between printed materials and computer displays.

What color space is used for printing?

Unik printing presses use a 4-color CMYK color space.

Does Unik print spot colors?

Yes. Unik printing division offers spot color printing.

What resolution is required for printing images?

All images should be at least 300dpi for printing.

How much does printing cost?

Printing costs are based on product, paper type, quantity, options, and turnaround. For printing prices please fill out a Request an Estimate form

Promotional   Products

Custom Work

Unik loves a challenge! Our sales teams will work with you to find the most effective solution and source custom products from our ISO accredited partner manufacturers. Even relatively small quantities are achievable, so if you are looking for something a little different just ask.

Art Work

Artwork MUST be created in an Adobe Illustrator EPS file with all text converted to outline. If you need your logo recreated in the correct file format, simply email it to a personal account manager and they will provide you with an estimate.

Over/Under Run

Unik reserves the right to run up to 10% over or under quantity ordered. An order within these specifications is considered complete and the invoice will reflect the actual number of pieces shipped.

Minimum Order Amount

Unik offers a “Less Than Minimum [LTM]” amount option on most products. When applicable a LTM charge will apply to printable orders and is based on a percentage of the first column quantity.

Digital Proofs

Digital proofs are a representation of how artwork will appear on the finished product. All new customers are required to receive an electronic proof for first time orders prior to final production. Unik will provide the first digital proof on every order free of charge.

Website Pricing

Online pricing is an estimated representation of the item cost and is subject to change without notice. It is recommended that you contact an Unik representative for current pricing.

Rush Order Options

Production time for rush service varies by product and company. Expedited shipping methods [Overnight, 2-Day, 3-Day] are recommended for rush orders. Depending upon the item, additional fees and charges may apply. Please contact your Unik representative for accurate pricing and requirements.

Sample Acquisitions

Unik is happy to provide samples to customers and prospective clients when available. Not all samples are free of charge and you will be advised accordingly.

Screen   Printing   &   Embroidery

How much do t-shirts cost?

There are several variables that affect the price of t-shirts

Quantity of garments Color of garments Number of print colors or number of stitches (embroidery) Number of print or embroidery locations

Can I bring in my own garments to be decorated?

No. We stand behind the quality of all garments we provide. We have a vast array of choices to pick from to meet all of your needs.

Will you do one shirt?

Generally we have a minimum order of 12 pieces. If the quantity falls below 12 pieces, less-than-minimum charges may apply.

Do you take credit cards?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. A 3.5% service charge may apply.

How long will my order take?

Normally no longer than 2 weeks from the time your order is placed. This time can also be affected by several variables.

Availability of garments Complexity of artwork

Can I see a sample of what my shirt will look like?

We can show you a computer mock-up of how the finished garment will look. If required, we can also do a finished garment for approval. This will be charged as a sample charge above and beyond the cost of the actual job and is very limited.

What kind of art do you prefer?

Our art department is Mac based. We prefer a vector-format Illustrator or Freehand file with ALL FONTS CONVERTED TO OUTLINES OR PATHS. If the design is 1 color, a 300 dpi jpeg to size will work. Multi color jpegs will require us to re-create the art, incurring art charges. A jpeg imported into Illustrator or Freehand is NOT a vectorized file. If electronic files are not available, a clean black and white version of the art is acceptable but may require art time, incurring art charges. Please feel free to contact our art department for further details.

What are set-up charges?

Set-up charges pay for the time it takes to prepare the digitizing or screens for production. Set-up charges are different for different applications, i.e. screen printing requires different set-ups than embroidery or ad specialty items. Multiple set-up charges may apply for different items. Usually they are one-time charges and may be reduced or eliminated on re-orders.